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Your Stay

To have a personal care and attention, presently, we have restricted our admissions to maximum 5 guests at a time. We have three spacious rooms with attached bathrooms and sit outs. Sharing of the room is allowed on consent of both the parties.

A typical day will begin with a medicated tea in the morning, followed by the treatment procedures which will take from about 1 – 3 hours, depending on the type of treatment. The treatment timings of the fore noon sessions are from 6 am to 12 noon and from 3 pm to 5 pm in the afternoon, depending upon the availability of time slots for a particular guest. There are separate treatment rooms with attached steam chamber and bathroom, supplied with hot water facility. The mode of treatment, duration and time of the treatment will be informed well in advance by the physician concerned.

There will be no treatments on Wednesdays, so is the case with ladies on their menstrual days.

Breakfast will be served from 8am to 10am which includes Kerala style dishes like Idlis, Dosas, Rice noodles, Steam Cakes etc with coconut chutney or other vegetarian side-dishes.

After the treatment, it is advised to take rest so that the body gets ample time to assimilate the effect of the treatments. During the complete course of the treatments, it is advised to follow the instructions of the physician strictly. Guests are advised to take rest and work which requires physical strain is to be avoided. However guests are allowed to have gentle walks through the village or on the Asram premises on evenings or mornings with the knowledge of the physician.

Kerala style vegetarian lunch will be served at the rooms from 12.30 pm onwards.

Evening medicated tea will be served at 4 pm .

The physician will be performing the treatments personally and will be visiting you daily for assessing your health and the progress of the treatment

Do & Dont's

Follow the instructions of the physician regarding the regimen (pathya) during the course of treatment as the aim of regimen is to eliminate the causes of the disease and to set up a favourable internal environment for healing.

  • Use of alcohol, other beverages and smoking is prohibited in the campus.
  • Outside food, other junk foods are also not allowed.
  • Don't go out of the campus without the physicians consent.
  • Do not over eat and food should be timely.
  • Avoid strenuous exertion both physical and mental, wind, dust, rain and extreme sun.
  • Daytime sleep is to be avoided as far as possible and one should sleep preferably before 10 at night.
  • Medicines and food should be taken at proper time.
  • If you are travelling in India and the treatment is part of your programme, it will be better to complete your travelling first & then undergo the treatment course. Travelling too much distance after the treatment interferes with the healing process.
  • It is advisable to bring all the relevant medical reports of your ailment.
  • Cotton clothes are best during the stay.
  • Bath towels, soap, shampoo, agarbathies, candles and bed sheets will be provided in each room.
  • Do not participate in feelings of anger, fear or anxiety.
  • Remain prayerful and observant and relax your body mind and soul to gain maximum benefits of the Ayurvedic therapies.
  • The leisure time must be spent peacefully and happily in the company of good friendly people or with books of your choice.
  • It will be beneficial to follow these routines for as many days more as the days of the treatment.
  • For any difficulties, complaints or queries you are free to contact the doctor concerned.
"Person desirous of long life which is the means for achieving dharma(righteousness), artha(wealth) and sukha(happiness) should repose utmost faith in the teachings of Ayurveda."


"Be detached and do your duty. In performing your prescribed task with spirit unattached, you shall mount to highest bliss".

Bhagavat Gita

"He, who within himself has found joy, will attain the peace of eternal one".

Bhagavat Gita

"My hand is the Lord
Boundlessly blissful is my hand
This hand holds all healing secrets
Which make whole with its gentle touch"

Rig Veda